Our wet chemistry laboratory professionally handles base metals, reforming catalyst, automotive catalyst and precious metals.

When precision and accuracy of results is paramount to your materials testing needs, we will utilize our classical wet chemistry methods.  Our chemists will use methods for quantitative chemical measurements of a variety of elements when the accuracy of your results is most critical. Our wet chemistry techniques include:

  • Gravimetric – for quantification of silicon, aluminum, and nickel
  • Titrimetric – for manganese, antimony, and titanium
  • Colorimetric – for phosphorous and Cr +6
  • Wet chemistry methods are provided for customers requiring testing to ASTM specifications
  • “Referee” to validate accuracy of results from traditional instrumentation testing
  • “Umpire” to settle accuracy disputes between buyers and sellers of ore

Our precious metal analysis ranges over a wide variety of materials, from bullion and films to refining and catalysts.  Our precious metal testing analysis can identify a variety of precious metals, including gold, iridium, platinum, and silver and we adhere to ASTM methodology. We currently offer several types of analysis, including inductively coupled plasma (ICP), wet chemistry, and fire assay, and typically accommodate the dental, electronics, jewelry, oil and gas, and refining industries

For precious metals in the trace to few percent range, our analysts will perform separations, then the solutions go to our ICP department for measurement.

The company has 3 ICP Emission Spec units and one ICP Mass Spec unit.

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