Base Metals Testing

Base metals, also known as common metals, are typically ordinary and inexpensive materials, compared to their sister precious metals.  However, that does not mean that these base metals are not valuable.

On the contrary, these base metals are used in a variety of applications across many industries and are in high demand.  These base metals are commonly used because of their low-weights, high electrical connectivity, non-magnetic properties, and strong resistance to corrosion.  These metals are used in manufacturing, consumer electronics, construction, plumbing, roofing, industrial machinery, motor building, automotive, aerospace, wiring, and many more.

These base metals are used in such a wide variety of materials and industries that it is no wonder why they are highly desirable and thus, valuable.

In fact, stock market forecasters and economists view base metals as key indicators in global financial forecasts.  For example, copper production is monitored by this group because of copper’s high use in the construction industry.

Therefore, in our world of metallurgy, we are a valuable asset for any scrap / e-scrap recycler, mining professional or commodity investor.  We can accurately test, analyze and report on the quality of any of these base metals,  non-ferrous metals and alloys.  We regularly analyze aluminum, copper, lead, nickel, tin and zinc for their material content and purity.

If you are business professional within the base metal marketplace, our base metal testing services will help you meet your business goals.  From aluminum to zinc, we can precisely test, quantify and ensure any of your base metal business needs and investments.

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