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Interesting Times at Ledoux & Company

Ledoux & Company analyzed the copper used on the Statue of Liberty and the metals used atop the Chrysler Building in New York City. It’s rumored that the company also assayed or tested the cables used on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Metal from the lunar vehicle and moon rocks from the 1969 moon landing were entrusted to Ledoux & Company for analysis.

In 1896 an ad in Harper’s magazine advertised that Ledoux & Company (then known as Chemical Laboratory) declared that Rae’s Olive Oil from Italy was not adulterated by admixture with any other oil. 

Ledoux & Company was involved in a small way with the top-secret Manhattan Project by monitoring for radioactive elements the water in the Hudson River after the first nuclear submarine docked there.

The company was called upon to analyze coins from the Atocha, a Spanish galleon ship sunk off the coast of Florida in the 1600’s. It’s also helped authenticate pre-Columbian artifacts.

Ledoux & Company worked with Dateline NBC  to expose New York City jewelry stores involved in the shady practice of selling sub-karat jewelry.

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