Shall the Company’s standards be maintained, will its honorable career be perpetuated, will the name of Ledoux & Company continue to stand for conscientious business methods and exact technical work, and what can I do before I go, to secure a continuance of this success and ideals?”

Ledoux & Company Founder, A.R. Ledoux, upon his 1916 retirement

More than a century later, that commitment to highest standards, exacting science and conscientious business practices continues as strong as ever. Those ideals are reflected in our Mission Statement — to provide industry with accurate, unbiased results and to assure credible, trustworthy performance.

The company was started in 1880 by A.R. Ledoux, renting space at 16 Cedar Street, New York City. Most of its business in those formative years was devoted to consulting services to the mining and exploration industry. Assay services were provided initially, but generally limited to gold, silver and a few other basic base metal element that were common to industry in the late 1880s.

In 1896, the Company was incorporated and at some point because of the need for larger spaces, the move was made to Spring Street and 6th Avenue. At this point, Ledoux & Company began to actively market its assaying services, and that became the mainstay service of the company.

(Sidenote…the cost of gold and silver assays in 1916 was five dollars, the rough equivalent of the average weekly salary of a Ledoux & Company employee.)

Ledoux & Company has been, from its point of inception — and continues to be today — a family business. We’re proud to serve you.

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