We leverage instrumental techniques whenever appropriate, which allow us to deliver accurate results affordably and quickly compared to classically executed assays.  However, in many cases, the submitted sample may need initial preparation and separation of the elements, for example;

  • Reforming catalysts
  • Automotive catalysts
  • Mineral and geological materials
  • Bullion, metal and dore
  • Scrap and sweeps from the jewelry industry
  • Ores and concentrates
  • Trace elements and trace impurity analysis, which includes all naturally occurring elements in diverse matrices

Our chemists and technicians determine which instrumental technique should be used based upon our customers’ needs and their respective sample materials;

  • solutions – we would complete a direct solution analysis.  Often times, pre-treatment of the solution will be needed, which could include sample dilution, matrix matching, and internal reference addition
  • metals – we would execute a dissolution in appropriate acid, as a minimum requirement.  Trace constituents may need a chemical separation and pre-concentration for accurate determination.
  • powders, like catalysts, precious metal containing materials, minerals, and geological materials – we would require complex sample handling before presentation for plasma emission analysis.  Wet chemical or fire assay separations are often needed to produce an accurate analysis.

Our laboratory offers the latest equipment in;

  • X-ray fluorescence
  • Plasma emission spectrometry
  • Atomic absorption
  • Ion chromatography
  • Carbon sulfur analyzer

Spectro Arcos

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