Fire Assay Analysis

Our comprehensive fire assay department can determine if precious metals are present within a variety of materials.  Our methods can extract down to a microgram of gold, silver, platinum or any other precious metal from the most complex matrices. Our techniques are rigorously tested and proven to be accurate and reliable.  Our assay results are commercial grade and used for umpires, control purposes and financial exchanges.

Gold, platinum and palladium collection by fire assay, which is the industry standard process for obtaining gold and platinum group element concentrations (PGE) from high-grade ores.

Fire assaying is the industry standard process for obtaining precious metals in all sample types including drill core, soil and chip samples, jewelry scrap and sweeps, and ores and concentrates.  Today, we execute a modernized process but in its simplest form, it has been used for centuries.

This department performs traditional lead collection for gold and silver determination.  This procedure also collects small amounts of platinum and palladium.  Nickel and copper sulfide fusions are also used for the collection of precious metals.

Some of our methods are:

Tellurium co-precipitation
Nickel sulfide collection
Gold collection through lead fire assay
Platinum collection
Palladium collection
Copper collection
ICP MS – Isotope dilution
X-ray fluorescence

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