On-Site Precious Metals Representation (Weighing & Sampling)

On-Site Precious Metals Representation (Weighing & Sampling)

Processing large amounts of materials is not an easy task and comes with many risks.  The main liability is the loss of material due to poor handling, quality variations, and possible theft.  Any one of these issues can result in financial losses for all parties involved.  The small investment of hiring an on-site weighing and sampling representative will eliminate these potential threats.

Our independent inspecting, weighing and sampling services are available at all processing facilities worldwide.  From the moment your material arrives at the plant, our representatives are your “eyes and ears,” as they monitor, detail and document every processing step of your material.  They remain on-site during the entire process and represent you (our customer) solely.

Additionally, we are licensed weighmasters for any materials that go into the COMEX Exchange, and have an array of expertise that includes spent automotive catalyst, petrochemical catalyst, PGMs, base metals, ore, precious metals, e-scrap and more.

Our on-site representatives:
– experienced, knowledgeable and hands-on professionals
– signed confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements with us
– know-how of all steps in the weighing and sampling process
– understand precious metal recovery, especially the importance of accurately documenting the loss on ignition (LOI) and loss on drying (LOD) conditions

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