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Our portfolio of services also includes:

Base Metals Testing

Base metals are widely used in commercial and industrial applications such as construction and manufacturing; i.e., aluminum, copper, lead, nickel, tin and zinc. We can accurately quantify these elements to ensure all of your business needs, goals and investments. Click for more …

Ledoux ISO 17025 Accredited

ISO 17025 Accredited

Our laboratory consistently demonstrates technical competence and the use of a quality management system when analyzing automotive catalysts, petrochemical catalysts and gold alloys. Thus, assuring our quality control, precise results, and your peace of mind.​ Click for more …

On-Site Precious Metals Representation

We provide on-site witnessing at all processing facilities. We are your "eyes and ears" for your material and are present at all times. We thoroughly document all data during the entire process. We know the value of your investment and treat your material like their own. Click for more …

Precious Metals Analysis

Gold, palladium, platinum or any other rare earth metals, we have the experience to test your precious metals precisely and accurately. Depending upon your material, we can test for precious metals via multiple methods, i.e., fire assay, gravimetric, ICP or diluted separations. Click for more …

Spent Catalyst Testing

Analyzing spent automotive catalysts and petrochemical catalysts are at the cornerstones of our business success. For over 45-years, we have consistently delivered accurate PGM results to our worldwide customers. PGM recovery is economically and environmentally beneficial.​ Click for more …

Quality Value Proposition

Time vs. cost vs. quality dilemma. For any given project, you never get to choose all three simultaneously. One of the three gets sacrificed. However, with our analysis, we never sacrifice quality. Quality is a constant and providing our customers with the scientific truth is essential.